Being at the right place at the right time

The warehouses of the NRC Group are located all over Europe, thus ensuring fast and reliable delivery at all times.

Hamburg, Halle, Neuss, Fürth and Heilbronn – we have five warehouses located in Germany. We are also proud to guarantee professional storage service in the countries of our subsidiaries.

By carefully selecting our warehouse keepers, we’ve made it possible to store chemicals of all kinds. This means a safe place for all kinds of products intended for cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals as well as regular industrial chemicals and hazardous substances.

We can temporarily store products of differing viscosity in a mobile tank, allowing us to fill smaller containers as required. Furthermore, having established our consignment warehouses means we can also guarantee customers the highest security of supply. All of our warehouses are certified, e.g. according to DIN ISO, HACCP or SQAS standards, and undergo regular audits. Making sure we handle chemical raw materials in a responsible and environmentally-sound way always takes top priority. If you’re looking for information on the safe storage of dangerous goods, we’d be only too happy to provide it. Contact our staff!