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in-cosmetics®, London - Formulation Lab

in-cosmetics®, London - The NRC Group Formulation Lab
Topic: Rheology modification of oil systems

Event details:
06 April 2017, 11:15 - 12:15
Formulation Lab
Language will be English

Viktoria Klassen
Phone +49 40 36 87 294, viktoria.klassen(at)

Oil-based products for skin and hair care have become a huge consumer trend! However, oil applications always present formulators with a challenge: How to make their use more convenient?

During our lab session, we will use our toolbox of ingredients to show you how to create a variety of thickened anhydrous formulations. From clear and transparent oil gels to natural soft and pliable pastes, get inspired by the latest technology and new ideas for innovative formulation concepts!

Contributors / Speakers:
Dr. Kristina Neimert Carne
Technical Advisory & Product Development
The NRC Group, Stockholm

Viktoria Klassen
Application Scientist
The NRC Group, Hamburg