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NRC Group and Olin: Renewed collaboration

Hamburg, 02.06.2017 – The NRC Group and Olin have started a new collaboration. Since 1 April 2017 the NRC Group is distributing Olin’s epoxy resins (D.E.R.™/D.E.N.™) and Olin’s curing agents (D.E.H.™) for the coatings, civil engineering, adhesives and composites industries.

This collaboration reunites the two companies after their previous collaboration of more than 40 years, during which Olin's epoxy resins products were distributed in the European territories.

As Thorsten Prott, Business Manager of Composites and Construction at The NRC Group's head office remarks, "We welcome this renewed collaboration and are very much looking forward to the mutual strategic alliance we have set up with Olin. We're excited to be expanding the already strong customer relationships we have in this core industry and allowing them to benefit from Olin's epoxy products."

As the leading global supplier of epoxy materials, Olin looks forward to being backed by The NRC Group's large and strong regional sales team which, significantly, also has the agility to complement Olin's growth in the epoxy industry.

Juan Antonio Merino, General Manager of Olin Europe, explains, "Olin's expertise in the epoxy value chain will benefit from this distribution collaboration - and bring our innovation to the marketplace."

Nearly 60 years of dedication and innovation to the epoxy value chain has yielded Olin's impressive portfolio of core, differentiated and specialty epoxy products that supply a diverse array of applications, including protective coatings, powder coatings, wind energy and electrical laminates, as well as numerous applications in civil engineering and infrastructure.

Carlo Spaniol, Olin Europe Commercial Vice President, said, "Olin has extensive manufacturing supply chain capabilities in Europe that provide a competitive advantage. The renewed collaboration with The NRC Group will allow us to enhance our presence in the DACH region, where there is some of the world's strongest demand for epoxy."

Both companies recognize the advantages that this collaboration offers their customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by ensuring the secure supply of a wider range of high-quality epoxy resins and hardeners.