A strong group, beyond the borders

We are successful because with our subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and North America we have created direct and close partnerships with you.

At each of our 26 locations, we will work to fulfil your needs. We make our products available internationally and provide The NRC Group's unique service everywhere, including comprehensive logistics services on site. At the same time, you can rely on our industry teams to support you with technical expertise - no matter what question you have or which country you're in.

Kemi-Intressen, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, joined the NRC Group in 2005. As one of the leading specialty chemical distributors in the Nordic countries, Kemi-Intressen is active in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland and also in the Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Kemi-Intressen supplies products to the coatings, plastics, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry sectors.

Expanding our activities in central and eastern Europe made us one of the region's leading distributors of chemical specialities. We founded our first subsidiary back in 1991; today, the NRC Group has independent subsidiaries in all major Central and Eastern European countries. Each of these offices has a local managing director located in the country's capital. All subsidiaries operate local warehouses in their countries so that we are always able to deliver the product of your choice to you without delay.

Established in 1963, Swiss chemicals distributor prochem AG has been a subsidiary of Nordmann, Rassmann since 2007. With its headquarters in Zurich, prochem AG covers the entire Swiss market and serves a wide variety of industry sectors, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food, paints and varnishes, printing ink, construction, plastics, adhesives, technical chemistry, industrial cleaning and lubricants.

Copci S.A.S. is based in Annecy and has been a member of the NRC Group since 2013, serving the entire French market. The firm has been distributing specialty chemicals since 1956 and offers a broad product range of raw materials for the rubber, plastics, food, lubricants, paint and coatings industries. In addition, Copci also supplies the foundry industry and glass ceramics manufacture. Since 1990, Copci has had an office in Hong Kong to source innovative, forward-looking specialty chemicals and raw materials locally and directly from within the People's Republic of China.

Established in 1996, Italian chemicals distributor Jointec S.r.l. has been a subsidiary of Nordmann, Rassmann since 2013. With its headquarters in Milan, Jointec S.r.l. covers the entire Italian market. Jointec specializes in the distribution of chemical specialties for industrial applications. With its primary focus on thermoset resins and elastomers, Jointec carries a full range of complementary products with which to serve its customers.

Founded in 1978, the Portuguese chemical distributor Neoquimica S.A. has been an NRC subsidiary since 2015. The company's headquarters are situated in Carregado, not far from the capital city of Lisbon. Its five business divisions (Paints, Construction, Adhesives & Plastics, Chemical, Food, Agriculture and Catering & Equipments) of highly-qualified and experienced staff provide customers with technical support as well as creative, economic and precise solutions. The subsidiary has an extensive portfolio that covers the entire Portuguese market.

In March of 2016, Nordmann, Rassmann Turkey Dis Ticaret A.S was founded in Istanbul as a subsidiary of Nordmann, Rassmann GmbH. Since then, it has been a member of The NRC Group. Having a subsidiary in Turkey means The NRC Group is now able to offer greater sales prospects to suppliers - and that we have taken a significant step forward toward our goal of becoming a leading distributor in Europe. Our team of staff in Istanbul does business locally as well as in the neighboring countries of the region.

In September 2017 Melrob Group Holdings Ltd. became a member of the NRC Group. Founded 1995, Melrob is a leading speciality chemicals distribution company headquartered in the UK, with offices in Spain, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mumbai and the USA. The core business is the sales and distribution of speciality chemicals, polymers and nutritional supplements to specific markets, including rubber, plastics, coatings, adhesives, fine chemicals, and biomaterials.