Coatings & Construction

For the high-performance materials used in the paint, coatings, construction and adhesives and sealants industries, as well as fibre-reinforced composites, we meet the most stringent quality demands.

Are you searching for optimal solutions in mineral or dispersion-based construction products? If so, you can rely on us. We'll give comprehensive advice based on your individual requirements to formulate and develop tailor-made solutions for your construction projects.

In the field of fibre-reinforced composites, we can offer a variety of standard and specialty products. Among these are epoxy resins, hardeners, unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins, as well as reinforcing materials - just to name a few.

Polyester resins are an essential part of boat building

When it comes to paints and coatings, we play with color – quite literally. We like to add gloss, density and depth to paint formulations and implement new ideas in the varnish industry with our innovative raw materials. Our product range comprises binding agents (aqueous, UV, high-solids) as well as functional fillers, pigments and additives. To complement our wide, innovative portfolio for several standard construction/coatings/composites applications, we also offer numerous other industrial specialty materials that include process oils, heat transfer fluids and hydrocolloids. 

We respond to the increasing quality demands of the adhesives industry by developing individual product solutions, for instance in the field of hotmelts and reactive adhesives. We also find new approaches when it comes to applying our raw materials in aqueous and solvent-based adhesives. Our wide-ranging portfolio includes polymers, resins and additives to create optimal formulations. 

Do you have questions about formulations, special forms of supply, or customized blends? Are you looking for a product family specifically designed to meet your requirements? Just get in touch with NRC's supportive application engineers.